Ironically the technical quality of this video is not great but the audio sync issue and low res is a perfect example of what I talk about in this video. Although if this video was on any other topic I would have reshot it.

People are always on the cusp of starting a video blog, blogging, tweeting etc. When things are just right they will start. So they say. Yet that day they start never comes.

Make a decision. If you are serious about something then do it. If you are confident it is important to you and your business then you’d be doing it. If you’re not, then clearly that indicates how important it really is. Or that it is not important to you at all.

For the love of Pete, look at me. Horrible lighting, horrible hair, horrible camera, horrible back drop but I said I was starting a new video blog this week…and it is this week. Why wait? There will be time to improve on the production value, the content and even this Youtube channel. Heck I may even pull out the green screen and lights. But here it is, I did it. And that supersedes any success of getting things to “just right.”

Cause you know what, things are never just right. But they get a lot closer when you take action.

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