About a year ago we sent out a note explaining a new relationship between Four Cross Marketing and myRealPage. At the time the intention was for this relationship to be a longer term contract between the two companies. That quickly evolved and by summer time Four Cross Marketing was acquired and merged with the myRealPage team.

I realized this was never formally announced. So here it is.

And hopefully I am able to answer some of the remaining questions:

The big question. Why?

A few people who knew about this in advance or learned early on have asked why? They have asked why walk away from what seems to be a successful growing company that is only getting better at what they do?

Yes, we were growing both in staff (at 7 positions at the time this arose) and clients. We’d gotten much better at what we did both in final products and processes over the years. We were onto something and it was a great time. Probably the greatest time of personal and professional growth I’ve experienced to date. Where we’ve ended up is a sign of that.

I guess this is the same dilemma a lot of entrepreneurs encounter when other opportunities arise as a direct result of what you have been doing well. Do you change, give up some control, step up to the next level etc. hoping it will help you grow as a person and find new success?

In my case that is what happened here. I was offered a chance to move to a bigger playing field quicker than the existing trajectory. To shift gears and bring myself and my team to the next level in our space of digital products and marketing.

Was it with some risk?

For sure. That is what it is all about when you have that pesky entrepreneurial spirit. You can’t help yourself. That is your biggest job everyday as an entrepreneur, managing that spirit. Ensuring you are splitting your attention between what is needed today and plotting what will be needed tomorrow, next week, next year.

Do I feel I made the right decision?

The experiences to date and opportunities ahead both for myself and as a company (myRealPage) confirm it a hundred times over.

It has been very apparent to myself, the Four Cross staff and others that this was the right decision.

I suspect the evidence of this will only continue to amass.

When did this all happen?

The initial conversation came to be in early 2012. After sorting out the details the official start date of the contract was March 2012. By August it was obvious to everyone there was no reason to not advance the relationship.

Are you an employee of My Real Page?

Yes. All Four Cross employees became employees of myRealPage.

What will the Four Cross team be doing now that you’ve joined myRealPage?

Marketing, product development and evolving the customer service/support model.

I have also taken on some other operational duties, most of which are too boring to bother sharing. You know, the stuff that no one wants to admit is critical to keeping a 25+ person company on track and happy.

Is Four Cross Marketing closing its doors?

Yes. And no. We are no longer operating as Four Cross Marketing, nor is the array of agency services offered available to any new clients.

What happens to current Four Cross Marketing clients?

The Four Cross employees and existing clients were my priority as this situation developed. Current relationships were very important to me, without those being able to remain intact it was a non starter. I continue with this mentality.

All current projects and contracts have been fulfilled in their entirety. Our resources were as such that we had the capacity to manage all contracts and new responsibilities.

We continue to support Four Cross clients as requests arrive. New projects or enhancement of past projects vary depending on what it desired.

Bottom line, no past client is left without a viable option to pursue their needs. Whether it be internally or us finding them capable alternative providers.

All past clients should reach out with any issues, needs and wants. We’ll ensure you are taken care of.

Are you accepting new clients?

Not for agency type work.

If someone is choosing myRealPage as their service provider there has always been staff in place to assist with some design options. You are best to reach out to support@myrealpage.com to determine if their role matches your needs.

Did I miss anything?

Any other questions you may have please drop me a note and I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely manner. I realize this can cause some concern for some past clients, as always I will discuss this openly and honestly with anyone who wants to have a conversation.

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